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Ocular Amniotic Membrane Allograft

Harnessing the power of the amniotic membrane's natural properties to provide a protective covering for use in ophthalmic applications.

Why Choose SurSight®?

Amniotic membrane sheets have a long clinical history in a variety of applications. Ocular wound healing requires a smooth, transparent finish and SurSight® has been engineered to provide those traits while still retaining the therapeutic properties of the amniotic membrane.

SurSight® is processed into a variety of circular sizes that are tailored for use in ophthalmology. It is minimally manipulated to preserve the natural benefits of the amniotic tissue.

Product Information

SurSight® is a dehydrated, minimally manipulated, amniotic membrane allograft for homologous use. It is shelf stable and provided in multiple sizes to provide maximum flexibility for a variety of clinical applications.

SurSight® has been specifically processed to generate a smooth, transparent finish ideal for ophthalmic applications. Our proprietary processing methods yield an irradiated product that is shelf stable and safe for use.

SurSight® FAQs

SurSight® is a circular-shaped, minimally manipulated, amniotic membrane allograft intended for homologous use.


Multiple studies have shown that the use of amniotic membrane sheets in surgical or in-office procedures aids in healing and protection of the eye.
To find a doctor using SurSight® call 877.880.1862 and our staff can help locate providers in the area.

Product Sizes

SurSight® is optimized for clarity and specifically designed to meet the needs of our providers. SURGENEX® provides multiple sizes to provide maximum flexibility for a variety of clinical applications.

amniotic membrane sheet

SurSight® is a single circular layer, giving it superior flexibility for usage in ophthalmic applications.

tissue donor screening

Donor Screening

All tissue procured and processed by SURGENEX® is screened by a AATB-accredited tissue recovery agency through a thorough and tightly controlled process. Pre-screening lab tests specify the donor to be free from risk factors and active infections of applicable communicable diseases as required by the FDA.

amniotic membrane process

Minimal Manipulation

Our process extracts the membrane from the placental tissue, leaving a single amniotic membrane layer which is then dehydrated and irradiated. SurSight®‘s minimally manipulated process retains the benefits of the amniotic membrane providing clinicians with a smooth and transparent allograft ideal for ophthalmic applications.


Serological Testing

SurSight® is thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy. We pride ourselves on our tightly controlled quality processes that exceed regulatory safety requirements. SURGENEX® clears allografts using a third-party serological lab, followed by quality inspections on site.

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