Why Cord Tissue?

SurCord® is derived from human umbilical cord which is a rope-like structure that connects the fetus to the placenta. Its benefits and properties provide a wide variety of therapeutic applications in regenerative medicine.

SurCord Injection
Cryopreserved Cord Tissue Injectable

The highest quality cord tissue allograft on the market today, SurCord® provides a protective cushion that supports damaged articular joints.

SurCord® FAQs

SurCord® is a minimally manipulated injectable cord tissue allograft that is derived from donated placenta obtained via C-section delivery. It is cryopreserved to retain the therapeutic properties and benefits of the umbilical cord.
Cord tissue has a wide range of applications including joint pain management, orthopaedics, and podiatry.
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Product Information

SurCord® is a minimally manipulated cord tissue allograft designed to be the highest quality cord product on the market today. It is an injectable allograft for homologous use only.

SurCord® is thoroughly screened for safety by accredited tissue recovery agencies. Our donor serology test panel is the most extensive in the industry, testing for several potential pathogens that could be missed by less extensive testing observed in competitive industry products.

SURGENEX® conducts a 14-day sterility test performed by a third-party lab, to confirm our products are free of bacterial and fungal contaminants. These safety barriers verify that SurCord® is the cleanest and safest cord tissue allograft product on the market.

Product Sizes

SurCord® is a cord tissue allograft that is concentrated and cryopreserved to maximize the benefits of the umbilical cord tissue. SURGENEX® provides two vial sizes for a variety of treatment applications.

#0410 1 cc
#0420 2 cc

Speak with our sales team for help with choosing the vial size for your needs.

Doctor Screening Results

Donor Screening

Products produced from donated human tissue are deemed qualified for transplantation by the AATB-accredited recovery agency used by SURGENEX®. Pre-screening lab tests specify the donor to be free from risk factors and active infections of applicable communicable diseases.

Processing Scientist

Tissue Processing

Cord tissue is processed with minimal manipulation to create SurCord®. This proprietary process is a highly manual procedure which generates the highest quality cord tissue allograft. This process adheres to the FDA's requirements for minimal manipulation.


Serological Testing

Our donor serology test panel tests for several pathogens that could be missed by less extensive testing. SURGENEX® conducts a 14-day bacterial/fungal test performed by a third-party lab to confirm our products are free of contaminants.

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